baalbek On the occasion of UAE participation in the Culture of Peace dialogue held in New York on 11-13 November, the Kalima project announced the translation into Arabic of a number of books on topics relating to the Middle East, the West and the Dialogue of Civilizations.

In collaboration with a group of experts, Kalima has chosen 15 books to be translated from German, English and French.
These include Political Geography of the Mediterranean by Yves Lacoste, the Encounter of Civilizations by Emmanuel Todd and Youssef Courbage, What is the West? by Philippe Nemo and The Cultural Roots of American Islamicism by Timothy Marr. Through the translations of these works, the project aims to highlight the points which stress and lead to cultural exchange and to clarify the factors that lead to detachment and negative cultural isolation. These books show the capacity of each community to produce a positive culture that would be a distinctive addition to human knowledge. Through these translations, Kalima hopes to clarify the historical factors in the formation of negative stereotypes that prevail in human societies and analyse the prejudices that led to the mythical images of the Orient in Western imagination. These books also emphasize meeting points and multiple positive relations between East and West. They offer in-depth analysis of patterns of communication between them, existing and assumed, aiming to build a future beyond the areas of darkness of the current reality.

Article taken From a periodical publication by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture And Heritage

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